MyStrengthMatters LLC provides staffing, process improvement and outsourcing assistance designed to strengthen the your business, allowing you to focus on your competencies.

Build a stronger business by decreasing your compensation, training, benefits and workspace costs.  Let us worry about staffing, seating and supporting backfills responsible for handling data & order entry, bookkeeping, customer service, technical support, social media & email management, research and monitoring.

Engage MSM today and our experienced team will help identify data entry, administrative, repetitive, accounting, telephony, email/chat services that can be documented, routed and outsourced effectively.

Functions that can typically be effectively outsources reducing costs and increasing quality include but are not limited to:

  • Data entry of new and/or changes to existing customer demographics (name, address, billing info, contact history, notes).  Information can be faxed, email or even uploaded via recordings to our experienced staff for data entry into one or many different systems. Many companies not only saw an increase in efficiency, but they also realized a gain in the over cycle timeframes given our ability provide staff to specific functions 24hrs a day.
  • Lead generation, appointment setting, survey and other outbound scripted follow up chats, calls and/or emails can easily be performed by our English speaking, educated staff. Staff members can also handle membership management and outreach.
  • Web site, security, video camera, data center monitoring functions have all been successful handled remotely by our college educated staff.
  • Bookkeeping functions like journal entry, accounts receivable, payables, virtual payroll entry and bank reconciliation
  • Operator Services, order entry, customer service and technical support contacts can be handled by our thoroughly trained, well educated English speaking staff.   All of our staff receive 1 full week of soft skills training, have back-ground checks and work in a PCI compliant environment.   We work with you to create your specific business/function related training. Once complete you have full control over the training modules and can see training assessments of each trainee.   Our agents can connect directly to your software and/or phone system based on your specific configuration.
  • Social media management can be challenging, knowing what to post across what platform. Work with us to create specific distribution rules, then allow us to distribute and search for meaningful content engaging your audience.

Let MyStrengthMatters LLC be your partner, helping to strengthen your business, so you can focus on your core strengths making, selling, engineering the product and/or service you love providing stronger.